Mind Coach NOLA On The Power Of Vision Boards

Adela here! This week I finished my vision boards. I'd been talking about vision boards with different clients and realized I hadn’t made my own in a while, so it was time. I'd made online vision boards (for instance, while designing my house, I used Houzz and Pinterest to collect ideas). But if I really wanted to turn my dreams into reality, I needed to be reminded on a daily basis. I personally didn’t want them on my phone. I needed a good, old fashioned, bulletin board of inspirational images.

vision board 2.jpg

I started with magazines I had lying around the house, then went to work with scissors and some kickass music. I ended up with two piles: my dream vacations and my dream daily fun. Vacations include pictures of what I’d like long weekends and major holidays to look like. Daily fun includes challenging yoga poses, good running form and races, and rewards for making my monthly goals. Both have some words I live by.

I believe in the law of attraction. If I see it, I'll believe it, and will find a way to make it happen. If I don’t give up, I'll get there. If something is important to me, I'll keep at it. With persistence and repetition, I'm going to make it happen. I’m going on that African safari. I’m going to crush that half marathon. I’m going to fly in acro yoga. Every day is an adventure.

Making your own vision board is a great step in making your dreams a reality. Another step you can take is getting a life coach or ADHD coach. A coach will help you refocus your priorities, gain clarity on the ways you distract yourself from your own goals, and help you set achievable goals that will lead to living your dream life!