Life Coaching with Mind Coach NOLA

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If you weren’t afraid, what would you do? What would be possible in your life if you did that?  What is life asking you to do differently? What is your biggest fear about that? What is your vision? What’s holding you back the most? What are you waiting for? What do you need to let go of to have what you want? Just. Let. Go. And fly!

Above is a photo of me in acro yoga class. As I mentioned in last week's blog post on the power of vision boards, one of my goals is to fly in acro yoga! Vision boards, as a constant reminder of goals, are one way to work towards your dreams. Another approach is to work with a life coach.

As a life coach, my clients are those who have been diagnosed with ADHD and with those who haven't been diagnosed or don't even suspect they have ADHD. You might want to work with a life coach in order to pursue a change in your life, like a new career, or to re-evaluate your vision, or simply to explore how fear may be holding you back. Anyone can benefit from a life coach, and anyone can learn to let go and fly!