Tips from an ADHD Coach: Spend Some "Daily Special Time"


What's your daily special time with your ADHD kid? For me, it's walking to and from school together, here in New Orleans. We have other special times, too, but this is my son's favorite part of our day, when we sing, walk the dogs, get psyched for the school day, and, after school, review how the day went or what activities are planned in the afternoon or evening. Sometimes we just observe nature and spot a butterfly or change in leaf color. How sweet it is.

Over at ADDitude Magazine, the article "Why 'Daily Special Time' Reduces Behavior Issues" discusses how important this time spent together, one-on-one between a child and parent, can be: "Daily Special Time reduces a child’s resistance, negative attention-seeking, and minor but exasperating behavior, including whining and fussing when things don’t go the way the child wants. Special Time works best when it is frequent and predictable, and labeled as that, so that your child can anticipate it."

As an ADHD coach and an ADHD parent, I can't recommend this tip enough! To figure out ways to plan your daily special time with you child, contact an ADHD coach like Mind Coach NOLA. We all need help sometimes planning schedules that reflect our top priorities, like providing our children with the individualized love and support they need to flourish.