Recommended Reading From Mind Coach NOLA: Mindful Technology Consumption


Emily Rose Barr has written a beautiful article over at Daily Good, titled "Mind the Stream: Where Mindfulness and Technology Meet." She reflects on our society's mindless consumption of technology, and asks how we might be more aware of the time we spend isolated and glued to our devices: "Psychotherapist Nancy Colier suggests that while humans have historically developed ways of escaping the moment, particularly when it’s uncomfortable or poses harm, what’s different now is the societal consensus around how we do so: the means of technology as a form of escape has become the accepted contemporary norm."

Being aware of your addiction to technology is the first step. The second step is to work with a life coach or ADHD/ADD coach, like Mind Coach NOLA, who can help you take a digital detox or find other ways to lessen the grasp of technological devices on your life, time, and relationships.