Back to School Blues

Summer is a time for relaxation, travel, family, friends and so much more. But, when it gets close enough to the new school year it can bring a lot of woes.

Why is it overwhelming? I think the massive amounts of information that students receive from the beginning of the year are extremely overwhelming. If you look at academic information alone, you’re talking about where to find assignments, notes and class materials, when and how to turn in homework, projects, tests and papers- some of it is in digital format in varieties of platforms while other is in classic books, handouts or printed materials.

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For A Successful School Year, Start Planning Now!

It's easy to be tempted to wait until the school year officially starts before setting up a mind coach for your child or yourself. But once the school year hits, we're often bombarded with things to do, new stressors, new classrooms and teaching styles to adjust to. Before you know it, the holidays are right around the corner, and then the new year! 

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