Recommended Reading: Daily To Do Lists That Work for ADHD

When we find amazing resources that bring value and knowledge to your life, we share them! This article from ADDitude Magazine provides great insight into daily routines for lists that work with the ADHD mind as well as provide insight on what our coaches can help you or your loved one with on a daily basis.

“The ADHD brain responds aggressively to stimulation. If it triggers our neurotransmitters, we will follow it — and often that means starting tasks but never finishing them, losing track of time, and working on what interests us — not what is most important. Use this daily to do list system (and lots of practice) to remedy these common challenges.

Many people with attention deficit disorder have a great deal of trouble managing time and staying on task to completion. I have recommended the following time-management and organization system with many adults with ADHD, and they’ve largely found it effective — some have even called it life-changing. This ADHD brain-oriented system is based on carrying a personal notebook, journal, or organizer with you at all times, and using four different types of lists — each one of which is described in detail below.”

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