Ask Mind Coach NOLA: Whats The Difference Between ADHD or Life Coaching and Therapy? Part 1

People often ask, "What's the difference between ADHD or life coaching and therapy?"


While there are many styles of coaching and many types of therapy, there are some general differences:

Coaching is motivational, present- and future-oriented, focuses on achievement of goals, has flexible boundaries, and is a co-partnership. Coaching always involves action. In general, therapy is analytical, focuses on the past, tries to heal symptoms, and has rigid boundaries within a doctor/patient relationship. Therapy is more reflective.

The difference between ADHD or life coaching and all other coaching is that the ADHD coach provides internal and external structures for her client to achieve balance, happiness, and self-fulfillment. The ADHD coach understands the daily challenges of her client and how her brain is affected by executive functioning. The ADHD coach encourages her client to come up with solutions and follow through. She provides insight, encouragement, accountability, and honest feedback. The client retrains her brain, feels empowered by her success, and regains confidence.

Mind Coach NOLA is trained to help clients understand their brains, especially how the brain allows addictive, thoughtless behaviors (like mindless scrolling on social media), to stand in the way of achievement and success. Former clients who have been coached by Mind Coach NOLA report increased confidence in their organizational skills, stronger ability to manage their brain's impulses, and feeling happier with themselves.