Mind Coach NOLA Questions: Which Social Media Network or Account has its Grip on You?

I have a question for you: Which social media network or social media accounts have their grip on you? Which accounts draw you in? And how do you manage your time when you feel the siren song of these entities, luring your attention away from your work, your family and friends, or your downtime? (Or is browsing social media what you do in your downtime?)

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Recommended Reading from Mind Coach NOLA: Goal-Setting Skills

Here are some handy tips for parents and teachers on helping kids set realistic goals, and how to encourage and praise effort and progress, with the end goal of ultimately achievement. My favorite is: Set a family goal that everyone can contribute to. 

I love holding family meetings! Having everyone involved in the process ensures that each person is on board, responsible and accountable. And together you can decide on the reward, be it intrinsic or extrinsic. Love it!

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Recommended Reading from Mind Coach NOLA: Making a Priorities List

Following on Wednesday's post on setting priorities, here's a great article at ADDitude Magazine, "Get Your Priorities Straight," yet another fabulous resource for those diagnosed with ADHD/ADD or those working on their executive function skills. Get in touch with Mind Coach NOLA if you want to work together with a certified ADHD coach to figure out just what those priorities of yours are!

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Mind Coach NOLA on Setting Priorities

I could never survive without my priorities lists. They keep me on track and help me avoid wasting time on other activities. So how do you make this list in the first place? First of all, are you aware of your goals? Where do you want to go in life? What do you need to do to get there? Where do you want to be this time next month? What do you need to do to get there? Let’s break that down by the week. Take a look at your schedule. What can you realistically accomplish this week to get closer to reaching your goals? These tasks are your priorities…

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Mind Coach NOLA on Watching Your Vision Board Dreams Come True

This is it!

“This is it, Mami!,” exclaimed my daughter. My son knew exactly what she was talking about it. “This is the place from the picture! We found it!” And yes, I definitely knew what they were shouting about. Only I had trouble responding because I had tears in my eyes, was awestruck by its beauty and dumbfounded by the fact that we had made it. My heart swelled with pride because I had made it happen. We were there...

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