Report Cards Are Here!

Why are the first report cards so important to a school year?

First of all, students should not base their self worth on their academic performance. Report cards have no importance if a student is always doing his or her best at all times. An ideal student takes ownership of his or her own learning, fully engaging in the education process. We want all students to explore and take advantage of the opportunities offered in school, sucking the marrow out of their education. That’s not always the case. A report card serves a gauge of comparison. It shouldn’t be a comparison to other students, but a comparison to individual past performance.

What are a few warning signs of performance tapering off?

A sudden drop in a grade is a red flag. Inconsistency is another red flag. (For example, up and down grades within one subject, or homework grades not in line with test grades.) A disconnect between perceived performance and the final grade is a red flag too.

What are some motivational tips for productivity parents can use for their children?

It is still early in the year! A lot can happen. Just look at the Saints. What does Drew Brees say? Take it one play at a time… (see cover photo for reference).

How can a parent help their student outside of the classroom?

You want to empower instead of enable. Ask your child what he is going to do instead of telling him what to do.

What is your plan? How can you make this happen? How long do you think it will take? What resources do you need? What worked last time? What would you differently? How can you do that?

And if your child has no plan: What would your future self think about this choice?

Why is understanding that your child needs additional support imperative during first report cards?

Most students go into the new school year with a positive attitude. This year will be different! But into the first quarter, they realize that their lack of skill sets are still affecting their performance. School success isn’t all about luck. It’s about the skills and the effort to get you there.