Back to School Blues

Summer is a time for relaxation, travel, family, friends and so much more. But, when it gets close enough to the new school year it can bring a lot of woes.

Why is it overwhelming? I think the massive amounts of information that students receive from the beginning of the year are extremely overwhelming. If you look at academic information alone, you’re talking about where to find assignments, notes and class materials, when and how to turn in homework, projects, tests and papers- some of it is in digital format in varieties of platforms while other is in classic books, handouts or printed materials.

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Recommended Reading from Mind Coach NOLA: Compassion for the ADHD Brain

Do you have a relative or friend who just doesn’t want to “believe” in ADHD? Do you know someone who just doesn’t get it? You just want them to understand so that they can empathize with the gargantuan effort of trying to fit in, and can show a bit of compassion to the turbo thinker. Here’s a quick slide show that outlines how the ADHD brain affects everyday life.

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Recommended Reading from Mind Coach NOLA: The Virtues of ADHD Parenting

I got a kick out of this article from ADDitude Magazine, "Your Kids Don’t Need “Perfect.” They Need “Persistent” and “Patient," and I hope other parents of ADHD kids will too. My fave is the "ADHD Mom virtue" slide highlighting “creativity." ADHD moms and dads of ADHD-diagnosed kids are indeed geniuses at turning everything into a game and making it all fun!

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